Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why 30A?

30A is a tiny sliver of paradise in NW Florida.
The language most spoken on our "little island" is English.
A little southern accent with a pinch of northern..
Mostly all creatures that have gathered here over the years are NOT born
and raised here, but stays here forever as soon as they arrive.

Locals do get discounts...Yes, it's a HUGE perk around 30A.

30A is a 20 mile road with the Gulf of Mexico lingering on the south side (beach side).
Homes, restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores line up north and south of 30A.

Here are a few facts about 30A worth knowing:
  • 2 gas stations! One in Dune Allen Beach (west end) and another in Seagrove Beach (east end).
  • Sacred Heart Medical Hospital is a 15 minute drive away.
  • 30A has dentist and doctors offices. Walk-ins are welcome, always.
  • UPS/FedEx stores & post offices are also available. Check out Seaside post office. CUTE!
  • Car mechanic shop - north of HWY 83. 10 minute drive from anywhere on 30A.
  • Grocery stores - Publix is in Watercolor, Modica Market (organic food..YUM) in Seaside, For the Health of It (healthy tasty organic food) in Blue Mountain Beach.
  • Panama City Beach International Airport - 20 minute drive from 30A. NICE!!
  • Education; Van Butler K-5th Grade, Seaside 5th-8th Grade, South Walton High 9th-12th Grade. Butler and Seaside are ON 30A, SWHS is 10 minutes from 30A.
    School buses picks up the eager little learners all along 30A paid for by your taxes.
  • Police Station - located on HWY 331. Approximately 10 minutes off 30A.
  • Fire Station is on 30A in Watercolor. The firemen are pun intended.
  • Golf courses in Dune Allen Beach and Watersound Beach; both on 30A.
  • Chamber of Commerce - HWY 331, 10 minutes off 30A.
  • If you don't own a home or condo here, you can rent a property through
  • In the Gulf of Mexico, you can swim and refresh from the heat.
  • Sugar sand line the beach, here you can play all day plus when you walk on it you receive a free exfoliating pedicure.
  • Man-made bike trails that are a "must-see".
  • Deer, alligator, fox, black bear, coyotes, turtles, snakes and wild boar have been spotted along 30A
  • People on 30A are really friendly and laid-back.

~sylvia soderholm