Friday, March 18, 2011

You just purchased real estate on what?

30A has become a vacation destination for many
people around the world..who knows, maybe your neighbor
chills here!!!

Many people who buy homes here at the beach end up
using it as a vacation rental which turns into monthly income!!
The money that these rental-machines ingest is absolutely
unheard of.

Here's the standard scenario for a out of town buyer.
They purchase a beach home, primp it up to their own
standards, place it with a responsible vacation rental management
company, the owners themselves stay in the house a few weeks/months
out of the year, the rest is rented out which means straight cash
into their bank account.
If the buyer got a mortgage for the property, the rental income
is basically a "helping-hand" for the mortgage payments.

Since the market is at an all time low today,
we're seeing/hearing a lot of fortunate
people enjoying this opportunity.

If you are looking for a rental company to place your
beach home with, we strongly advise you to use iTrip.
The best of the best!

~sylvia soderholm

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break on 30A - Welcome ya'll....

Spring break is off to a great start!
Tourists everywhere, pedestrians congesting the streets,
Publix in Watercolor is jamming out business all day,
some brave people have enjoyed swim sessions in the Gulf
of Mexico, the sun is shining, bathing suits and bath towels
are hung on the railings to dry, the birds are singing,
the smell of sunscreen is everywhere, little cuties are feeling
sand between their toes, bicycles are zooming
up & down 30A, sunburnt noses and wind blown hair,
YES..summer is just about here!!

Many fabulous homes in the beach communities
along 30A, such as Watercolor, Rosemary Beach,
Alys Beach & Watersound Beach,
have recently been listed 'for sale'!!!

Hope your spring is off to a springy start! *smile*

~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cheers to March...

Everything is coming together for Luxury Properties
on 30A in Seagrove Beach.

We focus heavily on representing buyers and sellers of luxury
property on 30A. We've moved to a new location, under a new
fabulous name, we are doing the same as we were and have for the
past 4 years! Presently we are working with the same fresh energy,
intense motivation as well as excitement for what lies ahead...

New listing in Watercolor and Destin. Townhouse under contract in
Seacrest Beach, sold a home in Watersound Beach after starting
Luxury Properties on 30A...two weeks ago!
.....Is this a great sign of future success?

~sylvia soderholm

Just Listed! 704 Western Lake Drive, Watercolor

Watch Virtual Tour!!!!

Built in 2007, this house has never
been occupied.
3,420 square feet, 5 bedrooms (including
carriage house) and 5.1 bathrooms.
Each bedroom has its own private bathroom!

Located in the most desired Watercolor
Phase I by Cerulean Park.

Click here for more info.

~sylvia soderholm

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Listed! Regatta Bay, Destin

Located on the golf course in Regatta Bay, east of
Destin Commons, this home is a must see!
Not shown in the virtual tour is the pool house and
backyard. Will post soon...
7,974 square feet of custom construction and details
throughout the house...
~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Luxury Properties on 30A and Beach Geeks

30A's hero was with us for a few days.
Beach Geeks owner, Chuck Stacey, has helped us set up the new office
for Luxury Properties on 30A located in Seagrove Beach.

(mike matz (left) - town hero, chuck stacey (right)

Day three in the new office, everything is coming together smoothly.
We are walkable distance to Watersound Beach where Roxy
has a spot where she can run some energy off!

Luxury Properties on 30A is owned by Mike Matz!
An energetic hard working sales professional that lives, eats (literally) and
breathes this industry is currently talking to new clients, writing contracts
while he is emptying moving boxes...

We have high expectations of excitement of what this year will bring for
Luxury Properties on 30A.

With the new Panama City Beach Airport(20 minutes from 30A) and Vision Airlines that will be flying visitors directly from 21 other cities to Fort Walton Beach Airport (45 minutes from 30A),
will give more out-of-towners-not-local-people the option to visit and live
on this slice of beauty...

You and yours are welcome to visit us at our new location anytime!

Roxy (office manager) does request tasty treats - no chocolate!

~sylvia soderholm