Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Bike Rental on 30A - Seagrove Beach Big Fish Bike Rentals

Jax & Sully came to visit!

Big Fish Bike Rentals is our next door neighbor...
Reasonable priced bikes for your enjoyment!

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, November 29, 2010

Gulf Front Homes along 30A

Today, there are currently 73 Gulf front homes for sale
along beautiful highway 30A.

click here to see the stunning
waterfront homes for sale!

You can own a piece of paradise...

~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours

We'd like to wish you & yours a special
and belly-stuffed Thanksgiving.

If you're a energetic little turkey, then check out the 5K
Turkey-Trot in Watercolor today, 8AM-10AM!
Get those legs moving!!

(...This is obviously the "before" shot of a happy little

turkey strutting around the turkey-farm with the
other silly turkeys having a turkey time...)

~sylvia soderholm

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just Listed! 86 Tidal Bridge Way, Watersound Beach

We just listed this home on Friday, November 19th.
The views of both the Gulf of Mexico and Camp Creek Lake
are breathtaking, with easy access to both.
The first floor features a classic professional kitchen and dining area
that is perfect for entertaining. Also on this floor is a cozy den, great room,
and a plunge pool on the deck overlooking the gulf.
The second floor has another family room,a master suite with amazing deck,
and two other bedrooms complete with deck space.
The top floor has another bedroom with a lay room for the kids.
A complete carriage house sits above the garage.
Complete audio, video and electronics galore ad to the luxury it brings.
Fully furnished and designed, this is luxury living on 30A at it's asolute finest.
Watersound Beach is KNOWN for its immaculate taste!
Luxury meets simplicity.
Virtual tour coming next week! Check back for the photos...
~sylvia soderholm

Friday, November 19, 2010

Introducing my 30A blog in Seacrest Beach.

I've becoming a blog-addict!!
Lovely day in Seacrest Beach, here's a quick introduction to
Mike's website and my blog!!
It's fun to ad-lib...Learning and doing something new
and cool EVERY day*SMILE*
Yesterday, I was told by a wise man named Jack in Watercolor,
"if you're not having fun doing whatever
you do everyday, then you need a new job!"
Obviously Mike & I are passionate about
this real estate market and 30A.

.... Stay tuned for more fun videos!

~sylvia soderholm

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rosemary Beach - Last weekend

Last weekend, Rosemary Beach was crowded
with little kiddos wiggeling around with butterfly-wings
and face paintings along Rosemary's main street and
western green.

This is a celebration for the annual monarch butterfly that
migrates through the area at this time of the year!

The kids got to enjoy live music, butterfly parade,
muppet show, pet dogs, storytelling, street painting,
arts and crafts, relieve excitement in a bouncy house, mural
painting and dancing.

Needless to say, there were plenty of giggles and cutie-patooties
zooming around on 30A's coziest family-friendly beach community.

~sylvia soderholm

Why do you need a professional real estate agent?

Did you know 85% of all transactions start online?
Starting with clothes, cars, homes, tools etc...

What is a real estate agent?
A Realtor/real estate agent works as a representative for the
broker to make a smooth buyers/sellers transaction.

What exactly do they do?
We help a buyer/seller make wise decisions on
a real estate transaction.
We do the paper work, find homes that suits your needs
if you're a buyer. If you're a seller, we market your home
to attract a ready, willing and able buyers.

Isn't it easier to sell a home by using "for sale by owner"?
Remember, a real estate sales professional eats, breaths, and sleeps their local market and has an infinite amount of resources, contacts, and key insight that outsiders certainly do not. You can market your own home, schedule your own showings, try to attract your own buyers, etc..
But do know if a real estate agent were to represent you, you'd have a greater success at getting it sold because of the aforementioned. Remember, 85% of buyers look online before they purchase their biggest asset.

How do I know that my agent is actually marketing my home?
Google your own address, make sure your home/condo/land shows up on
A LOT of websites.
Have your agent give you details on what wide web marketing tools
will be used and that they're up to date on all social media
connections and proven selling systems.
Ask questions. Demand answers.

What does MLS mean?
MLS = Multiple Listing Service.
It's a program that shares all property details between
real estate professionals.
They can access to it directly to see what has sold,
price changes on properties, new to market etc...
A home buyer/home seller can also get that information,
just not directly.
Real estate agents subscribe to it through their own broker.

How much does it cost to have an agent represent you?
Depends on the market. The average agent on 30A charges 6% of
the transaction. But remember, it's usually split in half if there are
a buyer's agent and a sellers agent.
Then they have to pay the broker, the brokerage and then the agent
get what's left.
So it costs you a helping hand in a very
emotional, stressful, anxiety driven, money worrying situation.

Gosh, they earn straight cash by just dressing
nice and looking at homes all day?

That would be ideal, but NO, it's not that easy.
The agent representing you will pay for all the marketing tools, signs,
gas, phone bill, realtors fees, MLS fees, meeting with other agents to
preview their properties and show your home.
They also pay for their own office fees, office supplies, continuing education,
websites they subscribe to etc.
AND the ONLY way they get paid is if they go to closing,
meaning when they find the buyer a home or sell the sellers home.

Hmmm...How do I pick an agent to represent me?
Make sure you have a good "gut-feeling" about them.
CONNECTING is key. If you don't like them, find someone else.
You'll be emailing them continuously, numerous phone calls,
meetings face-to-face etc..
An agent that knows the market and can que in your interests, hard working,
honest and highly productive with a good success rate is a definite pick.

What else should I know about a real estate agent?
A real estate agent works hard to satisfy your property inquiry.
If you're a buyer, a skilled agent will find help you find a property
within your price range that suits your needs.
If you're a seller, an agent will use the proper tools to get you
the market value price of your property.

If you have any questions regarding real estate,
feel free to contact me!
No questions are overrated or underrated.
If you don't know, ask...

~sylvia soderholm

69 Seagrove Village Drive, Seagrove Beach

~click here for virtual tour of this stunning home~

~click here for more formal info ~

An absolute stunner in the heart of Seagrove Beach.
Conveniently located on a quiet, serene street only a block from the beach it represents luxury living in all its splendor.
As you enter the gate you'll witness an amazing pool area with fireplace, steam room with a digital seven head shower and a heated towel rack.
Entering the house, you'll immediately notice the custom finish detail, the cabinets throughout the house all are matched with the same Caribbean walnut and poplar, including the garage.
The living area has a remarkable 23'vaulted ceiling, the master has 17' of similar vaulting.
Closet space is monstrous in the master.
The home is supported by a 5,000 watt solar system, cutting back on
heating and cooling bills by 65%.

Contact me for more details!

~sylvia soderholm

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not your average beach day in Seagrove Beach

Below is typical beach day here...
blue sky, sunshine & tiny rollers..

(click on any picture for larger view)

...Then 30A was graced
with heavy rain, lightening, thundering and
massive waves...
Neat to see the palm trees moving around!

Seagrove Beach is one of the oldest towns on 30A,
after Grayton Beach of course.
Back in the day, before 30A became the connecting road
for all the beach towns, the only way to access Seagrove
Beach was by boat. It was divided by Western Lake.
This cozy town got its name from the thick oak trees
that were situated all along the beach..

There are plenty of vacation homes and condos, restaurants,
cafe's, tennis courts, clothing store, kayak shop, pizza place,
fishing store for all your angler needs, bank, Big Fish Bike Shop,
Goatfeather's Fish Market and our office!
Stop by sometime...

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seagrove Beach Office

Meet our Office Manager, Roxy.
She is now 16 months old, has selective hearing,
is at the office every day except for holidays and weekends,
keeps us entertained, observes good days and bad days,
helps us grind out each day to the very end, still not trained
all the day but she can "high-five" and eat plants if the opportunity
Needless to say, we love what we do & Roxy is an
awesome addition to our team.

Sleeping on the job...

Office greeter!!
She was so little...

Letting off some steam...tough day at work!!


We are hard at work in our Seagrove Beach office,
but randomly throughout the day, we go outside
to get some fresh air!

Sylvia & The Office Manager, Roxy.

Happy Monday from Seagrove Beach.

~sylvia soderholm

Stunning Home - Watercolor, Florida

This home is located in Watercolor Phase III.
Click here for more formal information!
Furnished to a "T", this home breezes with
coziness and immaculate taste.

4,672 square feet
Built in 2007, this is currently a vacation rental.
$135,000 a year in rental revenue! WOAH...

Spacious kitchen.
Great for entertainment.
Dining room.

Cozy "wine room" adjacent to the kitchen.

This home features 7 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms.
3 stories with ample space in each room.

Boys Bunk Room

Girls Bunk Room - Between the two rooms is
as cute shared bathroom.
Outdoor fireplace on the front porch...

...second floor also has an outdoor fireplace
on an expansive balcony by the master bedroom.
~sylvia soderholm

Keeping warm...

You are NOT going to believe me when you read this,
but it was 35Farenheight this morning.
So, it's officially time to trade in your
summer shoes...

...for these snazzy boots!!!

Can you imagine walking
around w/these suckers??

Anyway, trade in your open-toed shoes
for closed-toed shoes!
If you don't own any, like most locals don't
here on 30A, it's time to shop till you drop!!

It's usually only chilly in the morning
and warms up to a decent temperature
around noon...

~sylvia soderholm

Seaside Wine Festival

Seaside was full with visitors from Alabama,
Georgia, Southern Florida as well as Louisiana.
This was a huge event that was very well organized
by Seaside.
(click on any picture to view it in full size)
Mike and I strolled around to people watch!!
Needless to say,it was very entertaining.
Gray Hartley, Owner of Hitching Post Winery
in California, shared his experience
of our little island, 30A.
Gray is also in the movie "Sideways".
Had a wonderful evening that ended
with a cozy fire...
~sylvia soderholm

Friday, November 5, 2010

Seaside Event - All Weekend

"Seeing Red Wine" Festival has already started
in Seaside. Great Southern Cafe is serving
tasty hors d’oeuvres to go with your glass...
Click HERE for more info!!!!!

Seaside, Florida is the "central hot-spot" of 30A.
Jim Carrey's Truman Show was filmed here!
Many locals can be spotted in the film,
cool huh?!

Modica Market has the best breakfast muffins
and coffee.
Their turkey-sandwich is a huge hit w/my taste-buds.
Try their Brie cheese w/gooey stuff on top...oooh la la.

Getting off track here...Mmmkay...
Seaside has many cozy shops worth checking out, the book store
carries all best sellers as well as magazines, children books, cards etc.
You're welcome to use their WIFI there too, if needed.
Above the book store is the music store.
Any tunes you're into, they most likely have.
Just don't sing loudly as you walk out of there if you sound like a goat....
Great food can also be indulged in Seaside at reasonable prices.
Art stores, Rolland's Hair Salon(incase you need to tame your mane), yoghurt
shop, Heavenly serves the yummiest pistachio gelato that is gentle
on the midriff, jewlery shops, designer clothing shops, wine bar,
taco shop, surf shop, pizza joint, Bud & Alleys for sunset, furniture shop,
a small theater that sometimes has improv and
cool plays... pedestrian friendly beach community for all ages.
If you own a bike, leave it at home.
You'll have more fun walking around and mingling with everyone.

If Seaside parking lots are filled, drive one mile west on 30A to Watercolor.
Park near Wine World. North side of 30A.
...Or just buy a home or condo and enjoy the
views of the weekend activities from your balcony.
Click here to see what's FOR SALE!

Have a groovy kind of weekend.
Wear a jacket, it's supposed to be low 60's till next week.

~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rosemary Beach Homes

Rosemary Beach is named for the native species of rosemary herb
that lines sand paths and can be found throughout the town.

Rosemary beach is a town built on 107 acres.
Founded in 1995.
European village is what comes to mind when you see it.
The landscaping is immaculate and very foot-traffic friendly.

Click here to see what's FOR SALE!!!
... so beautiful...*daydreaming kicks in*

Contact me if you want more info regarding these
stunning homes.

~sylvia soderholm

30A - Where the sun SHINES

Anyone that has been on 30A, experienced
the beaches with their toes and their own
eyes, would most likely say that
our beaches are absolutely the most beautiful
in the world...

The sand is more like sugar.
Same texture and color.
The constant grinding and pulverizing motion
in the Gulf of Mexico, is what has made the
sand as fine as it is.

No, this is not a picture of the carribean
you are staring at...
This is where locals and tourist play, nap,
eat lunch, swim, relax, read books, sightsee,
kayak, snorkel, meet friends and take pictures to
show a viewer like YOU.
This is 30A, Florida.
It's like this everyday, unless if it rains!

In the summer months, Florida recieves
more direct sunlight than the equator.
Cover up with a chic hat, it's for your
own safety.

Melanoma is SO uncool.
Suncreen is your bestie if you enjoy
being outdoors...
It's mandatory.

If you've been in the sun all year,
contact your local dermatalogist
to get a full body-scan.
Your skin will thank you.
30A's local and excellent dermatalogist,
Dr. Michael A. Stickler is someone
worth making an appointment with.
Check out his website: www.gulfcoastderm.com

~sylvia soderholm

Mother nature is watering your lawn...

Today, as the rain is pouring down, not only will your lawn get
plenty of hydration, you'll get a free-car cash and maybe a interesting
The office is beaming w/cozy candles and motivation!
We're off to a good start.
Hope your day is wonderful.

~sylvia soderholm

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

furry little ones

Have you heard of the local no-kill
Alaqua Animal Refuge welcomes all
pets, all sizes with all different personalities.
They will provide a safe shelter for homeless,
abused and neglected animals.
They will get fed, not sure if they get to choose
their own food, but a full belly is part of the deal,
healthcare if needed and lots of love until adopted.

If you don't need a furry one to add to your
life, a little donation will go a long way
to help these sweeties.

Check out their website:

Fun fact of the day:
Mike owned a hampster named "Snuffy"
as a child!:)

(this is not snuffy, but he probably looked
alot like this little one..)

~sylvia soderholm

Time to get active...on the ice!!!

Baytown Wharf - November 5th-14th.

Friday-Saturday 11AM-10PM
Sunday 12PM-6PM
Weekdays 4PM-9PM
$10 for 1.5 hour.

Really fun that Baytown was so kind
to set up a ice-rink for everyone to
strut their stuff on.
Finally we can break out the North
Face jackets!! *big smile*

Put this on your "to-do" list!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Demographics of 30A

Cool info on 30A's beautiful beach communites.

This of course doesn't include house pets...

Have a cozy Wednesday.. It's finally raining in
Seagrove beach! Free car-wash day.

~sylvia soderholm

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Watercolor, Florida 32459 - Mountainfilm on Tour

Busy this weekend?
If you are not, make sure to attend 10th Anniversary
of Telluride MountainFilm at Watercolor,
this Friday & Saturday.

Wine & Food tasting starts at 5PM.
Film, Wine & Food - adult $55 - children $30.

This event features multi-sensory experience of art,
adventure, culture and nature.
Gather under the stars at Watercolor's Amphitheater
to soak in the films showing different themes
of mountaineering and different important
environmental and social messages.

This is a must-attend event.
See you there!!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Seaside Florida

Happy Halloween.
The little ones really enjoyed playing on the "green-area"
in the Seaside Circle. 4PM-6PM was dedicated
to all munchkins dressed as pumpkins, fairies, bumble-bees,
lions, cows, superman, army man, dinosours & dogs dressed
up in costumes clearly picked by excited parents.
A witch DJ was playing different kinds of music on the Seaside
stage for all the kiddos to wiggle to.
Local shops opened their doors and kindly handed out sweets
to some happily sugared-up bouncy as well as a few shy children
sweetly saying "trick or tweeeat".

Mike walked around w/Jackson the "army man" to all the local shops in Seaside and stocked up on candy.

~sylvia soderholm