Monday, August 22, 2011

Seaside, Florida - Kids

OH MY!!! I so badly wish I had a slew of children at this very moment...
Would buy everything in sight..... seriously.
Found a FUN kids shop in Seaside called DUCKIES.
Check their blog here.
Really neat kids toys, cozy & sweet clothes, knick knacks, this & that which
every kid would go bonkers over. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Bring your little angels there...with your wallet in hand!

I bought two tu-tu's for my sweet nieces. :)

Real estate in Seaside.
Gulf of Mexico views!

We wish you a wonderful week,

Sylvia, Mike & Roxy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Price REDUCED! Watersound Beach

17 Keel Court, Watersound Beach.

Phase II ~ $1,050,000

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday.

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, August 1, 2011

850 Surf - Rosemary Beach, Watersound Beach

(image from

New HOT way to represent for 30A's beaches!
This brand was designed by two locals that enjoy the
beach lifestyle and everything else that comes with it.

The shirts/sweatshirts are super comfy, affordable and
quite stylish!
Mike & I L-O-V-E the brand & we've gotten many compliments
on the hip look of them being out & about!

Hook up your beach-bums with 850Surf.


~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The purpose of....


What the schnitzel is the deal with this sea grass that has taken
over various beaches along 30A?
It certainly doesn't look attractive nor does it feel good
when it slaps/wraps itself around our bodies in
the Gulf of Mexico!

Oooh the Gulf is so lovely with out sea grass... *big sigh*...almost drinkable!
the colors are unbelievable.

But it does serve a HUGE purpose so we'll just have to deal! *grinns*

Sea grass is an essential part of the marine ecosystem.
I had to google it to learn all the inns & outs of it just to be able
to tell a few visitors that it's actually pretty sweet....

The importance for associated species of sea grass is mainly due to provision of shelter (through their three-dimensional structure in the water column), and for their extraordinarily high rate of primary production.
As a result, seagrass provide coastal zones with a number of ecosystem goods and ecosystem services, for instance fishing grounds, wave protection,oxygen production and protection against coastal erosion.
Sea grass meadows account for 15% of the ocean’s total carbon storage.
The ocean currently absorbs 25% of global carbon emissions!! WOW.
It is also used widely in fertilizers, mattress filling,
bandages, furniture, animal feed, packing materials, dried segrass has also been used as soundproofing/insulation of rooms (WHAT??) and medicines.

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, July 11, 2011


HUGE congrats to Mike for becoming a BROKER!!
We are so proud of his hard & dedicated work. *smiles*
Come by and congratulate him yourself.
Maybe bring a chocolate or something...Roxy appreciates dog treats as well!

~sylvia soderholm

Friday, July 8, 2011

Just sold! Watercolor Phase I

Just sold! $1,150,000

Watercolor, Phase I.

View more info about the SOLD property here!!

Watercolor beach community is a highly sought after vacation
spot as well as full-time residents.
Located in the middle of 30A, this stunning beach community features
many family-friendly amenities, walkable distance to the beach (for those
staying in Phase III). Learn more about Watercolor here.

Wishing you & yours a wonderful weekend from Sylvia, Mike & Roxy.

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July ya'll.....

Before all the fireworks, BBQing & sunshine at the beach,
this is what took place on 30A! Did you attend?

30A parade for the young & the younger... fun!

~sylvia soderholm

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Price Reduced!!!

Price reduced to $1,990,000.

434 Captains Circle, Regatta Bay in Destin.

Get more info about this stunning masterpiece HERE!

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, June 20, 2011

Gulf of Mexico - Florida Panhandle

Spectacular Gulf of Mexico sunset seen from Panama City Beach!

If you ever get the chance to do a sunset cruise/dolphin cruise,
DO IT! We paid $10 each, boarded the boat at St.Andrews
which is a few minutes over the bridge from Panama City Beach,
it takes about an hour to cruise around & as soon as the sun sets,
the boats heads back to shore.... A really neat experience!

How was your weekend?

~sylvia soderholm

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer is here & it's HOT.....

(yup...I am an artist, just sayin')

Fun fact: The sun is closer to FLORIDA than the equator in the summer! *YIKES*

The sun is an important source of Vitamin D and eNeRgY.

Visitors/tourists celebrate their summer vacation on beautiful 30A all year,
but in the peak of the summer is when we see sun-burnt bodies struggling
to have a sweet time! You can still get a savage tan by using
high SPF sunscreen.
Umbrellas, even sun tents on the beach are uber cool these days...
hats are more stylish than they've ever been, so there's no reason
for anyone to get sun blisters *gasp*.

Enjoy the sun...safely!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Just Sold in Watercolor Phase I

37 Lake District Lane, Watercolor Phase I.

View more info here!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vision Airlines

On Tuesday, Mike & I attended the kickoff celebration for the
Vision Airlines Magazine!
We were invited (since Luxury Properties on 30A advertises in it)
to a sunset cruise that was docked in Baytown Warf.
Everyone that pays to have their ads in the magazine got the chance
to enter a drawing to win free plane tickets as well as other goodies!

Look for our ad and let us know your thoughts!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, June 6, 2011

Just sold! 94 Palmeira Way, Seagrove Beach

Just sold in Seagrove Beach.
Two minute walk from door steps to the Gulf of Mexico!
2,856 square feet, 4 bedroom 4.5 bathrooms!
Gulf views from the second floor!!

SUPER location!!!

Get more info here...

View other Seagrove Beach homes
currently for sale! Enjoy.

~sylvia soderholm

Friday, June 3, 2011

From active to contingent! Watercolor, FL

704 Western Lake Drive, Watercolor

It was listed as active for 84 days.
Will post all the info when it closes in July!!!!
Stay tuned

This home was a DEAL in Phase I.
Have you seen the virtual tour?
Watch it here.

Good deals on amazing properties in superb locations
goes quicker than candy put in front of a kid.
you snooze, you lose.

Click here to see what other deals are available for you
in Watercolor. Currently 87 homes for sale!!!

~sylvia soderholm

Hello weekend weather....

Stock up on sunscreen...beach weather for sure.
According to the thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday,
but they usually don't last long..
Feels really fresh to be outside after..Smells delish too!
Kinda like mother nature is cleaning and giving free car washes!

Wishing you & yours a wonderful weekend!

~sylvia soderholm

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lovely ideas I've come across... sharing is caring!!

I've developed a insane habit of "snipping" anything creative
I come across throughout the day at the office...
Maybe these will inspire you create something amazing!
Many of the homes here on 30A have incredible attributes
that sometimes makes me think "whoever did this is brilliant".

Just something fun to stare at!! Enjoy.

Solared powered sun bricks. No electrical bill needed!

Maybe a little tacky but storage savvy!!

Do It Yourself outdoor lighting. Cool idea.

This is so beautiful.

Outdoorsy coasters. Brilliant right? Looks so chic.

I would get a fish just for this bowl. Kinda silly but cute.

This makes so much sense. This shoe organizer can
be bought anywhere! Just brilliant.

Tea pot flower planters. Unique.

Envisioning a few cute chickens in there...

OH MY GAWSH!!!!!!!!!!!

Chic shading for the backyard summer nights.

Romantic. Chic. Oh I'm obsessed...

YES...apparently this is quite common in kitchens,
first time I've ever seen it! Neat huh?

~sylvia soderholm

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rosemary Beach

Rosemary Beach has one of the best/coziest dinner
spots on the south side of 30A.
Be sure to please your taste buds at Restaurant Paradis.
(the food is so excellent I could seriously just cry....)

Rosemary Beach currently has 73 homes for sale!
View & daydream about them here...

Also view the 10 condos available today here!!

95F & clear blue sky in Rosemary Beach today.
How is the weather where you are? Stay sunny.

~sylvia soderholm

LP30A is in Vision Airlines Magazine

Luxury Properties on 30A is the sole real estate company on 30A
to advertise in Vision Air’s new Sky Vision magazine. (see ad above)
This will give LP30A HUGE exposure to the 24
destinations Vision Airlines serve.

There are many direct flights into Destin (20 minutes from 30A) from
Ashville NC, Atlanta GA, Baton Rouge LA, Chattanooga TN,
Columbia SC, Ft. Lauderdale FL, Ft. Myers FL, Greenville SC,
Gulfport MS, Houston TX, Huntsville AL, Knoxville TN,
Lafayette LA, Las Vegas NV, Little Rock AR, Louisville KY,
Tunica/Memphis, Niagara Falls NY, Orlando FL,
Savannah GA and Shreveport LA.

Vision Airlines Magazine that LP30A advertises in will be put in each seat,
on each flight; everyday.
The techies will be able to find it on

Exciting huh? Their flights are fairly cheap as well.
Check their website for deals if you're a travel-bug!!!

What do you think of our ad?

~sylvia soderholm

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Wishing you & yours a wonderful Memorial Day.
(hopefully you got the day off...)

Summer is HERE on 30A.

~sylvia soderholm

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's happening... North of 98

10 minutes from Seaside (downtown of 30A).

Construction of the 77,000-square-foot store on U.S. Highway 98
at West Hewett Road was completed May 9. It will open June 15.

Hours will be 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The South Walton WalMart store will not have an outdoor garden center,
tire shop or vision center but it will have
groceries and everyday household needs.

Shop till you baby..don't stop....eeeh..don't spend all your
cha-ching in one place...

~sylvia soderholm

oooh you naughty bears...

(photo courtesy of

Oooh my goodness...This has nothing to do w/real estate,
but it's kinda cute in a horrible way...
Took place on the North side of Hwy 98.
10 minutes from Seaside on 30A.

Came across this article on (local news source)
and had to chuckle...
Bears with a sweet tooth and apparently zero fear destroyed
this honey compound for the THIRD time...
WOW. The electric fence didn't even stop 'em...
Now that's a macho bear... doesn't care for burn marks or bee bites.
Read about it here!!
Really impressed by the wild life here at the beach...gators, bears,
random locals (juuuust kidding), wide range of sweet birds, tropical fish,
deer, fox, wild pigs/piglets/bacon with legs/boars, cayotes & tons more.

~sylvia soderholm

Just Sold!

Lot 23 Clareon Drive, Seacrest Beach.

Fantastic deal for this spacious residential lot.
Across the street from the Gulf of Mexico!

Contact me for more info...

~sylvia soderholm

Gulf front homes - 30A

Looking for relaxation for memorial day weekend?

Grab a few cozy-can't-put-down-kind-of-book and head
down to the beach....

Snuggle into a comfy chair and let the breeze & the sun
do the rest...voilĂ !!! Relaxation to the max...

Wishing you & yours a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!
Browse Gulf front beach homes HERE! Enjoy.
Check out Gulf front CONDOS here.
...stunning huh?

~sylvia soderholm