Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Seagrove Beach NEW STORE!!!

Cool new shop in Seagrove Beach north side of 30A.
Soft opening today.

We got to meet the owner (the furry one on the
advertising is their sweet dog) who is enthusiastic
about helping 30A's pets to look their absolute BEST!
BowWowMeow offers different brands of
natural food, treats, goodies, clothes, leashes etc.
PLUS there's a self-serve clean station. The room is set
up for you and your fuzzy wuzzy friend to wash, blow dry,
have a cozy chat etc. and they even have a apron there for you
to wear incase your pet gets a little too excited with the water!
Plus it's SO SO nice & clean in there! Aaaaah...

Welcome to the neighborhood.
We wish your business all the best...

~sylvia soderholm