Friday, March 18, 2011

You just purchased real estate on what?

30A has become a vacation destination for many
people around the world..who knows, maybe your neighbor
chills here!!!

Many people who buy homes here at the beach end up
using it as a vacation rental which turns into monthly income!!
The money that these rental-machines ingest is absolutely
unheard of.

Here's the standard scenario for a out of town buyer.
They purchase a beach home, primp it up to their own
standards, place it with a responsible vacation rental management
company, the owners themselves stay in the house a few weeks/months
out of the year, the rest is rented out which means straight cash
into their bank account.
If the buyer got a mortgage for the property, the rental income
is basically a "helping-hand" for the mortgage payments.

Since the market is at an all time low today,
we're seeing/hearing a lot of fortunate
people enjoying this opportunity.

If you are looking for a rental company to place your
beach home with, we strongly advise you to use iTrip.
The best of the best!

~sylvia soderholm