Friday, May 27, 2011

oooh you naughty bears...

(photo courtesy of

Oooh my goodness...This has nothing to do w/real estate,
but it's kinda cute in a horrible way...
Took place on the North side of Hwy 98.
10 minutes from Seaside on 30A.

Came across this article on (local news source)
and had to chuckle...
Bears with a sweet tooth and apparently zero fear destroyed
this honey compound for the THIRD time...
WOW. The electric fence didn't even stop 'em...
Now that's a macho bear... doesn't care for burn marks or bee bites.
Read about it here!!
Really impressed by the wild life here at the beach...gators, bears,
random locals (juuuust kidding), wide range of sweet birds, tropical fish,
deer, fox, wild pigs/piglets/bacon with legs/boars, cayotes & tons more.

~sylvia soderholm