Thursday, July 14, 2011

The purpose of....


What the schnitzel is the deal with this sea grass that has taken
over various beaches along 30A?
It certainly doesn't look attractive nor does it feel good
when it slaps/wraps itself around our bodies in
the Gulf of Mexico!

Oooh the Gulf is so lovely with out sea grass... *big sigh*...almost drinkable!
the colors are unbelievable.

But it does serve a HUGE purpose so we'll just have to deal! *grinns*

Sea grass is an essential part of the marine ecosystem.
I had to google it to learn all the inns & outs of it just to be able
to tell a few visitors that it's actually pretty sweet....

The importance for associated species of sea grass is mainly due to provision of shelter (through their three-dimensional structure in the water column), and for their extraordinarily high rate of primary production.
As a result, seagrass provide coastal zones with a number of ecosystem goods and ecosystem services, for instance fishing grounds, wave protection,oxygen production and protection against coastal erosion.
Sea grass meadows account for 15% of the ocean’s total carbon storage.
The ocean currently absorbs 25% of global carbon emissions!! WOW.
It is also used widely in fertilizers, mattress filling,
bandages, furniture, animal feed, packing materials, dried segrass has also been used as soundproofing/insulation of rooms (WHAT??) and medicines.

~sylvia soderholm