Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not your average beach day in Seagrove Beach

Below is typical beach day here...
blue sky, sunshine & tiny rollers..

(click on any picture for larger view)

...Then 30A was graced
with heavy rain, lightening, thundering and
massive waves...
Neat to see the palm trees moving around!

Seagrove Beach is one of the oldest towns on 30A,
after Grayton Beach of course.
Back in the day, before 30A became the connecting road
for all the beach towns, the only way to access Seagrove
Beach was by boat. It was divided by Western Lake.
This cozy town got its name from the thick oak trees
that were situated all along the beach..

There are plenty of vacation homes and condos, restaurants,
cafe's, tennis courts, clothing store, kayak shop, pizza place,
fishing store for all your angler needs, bank, Big Fish Bike Shop,
Goatfeather's Fish Market and our office!
Stop by sometime...

~sylvia soderholm