Friday, November 5, 2010

Seaside Event - All Weekend

"Seeing Red Wine" Festival has already started
in Seaside. Great Southern Cafe is serving
tasty hors d’oeuvres to go with your glass...
Click HERE for more info!!!!!

Seaside, Florida is the "central hot-spot" of 30A.
Jim Carrey's Truman Show was filmed here!
Many locals can be spotted in the film,
cool huh?!

Modica Market has the best breakfast muffins
and coffee.
Their turkey-sandwich is a huge hit w/my taste-buds.
Try their Brie cheese w/gooey stuff on top...oooh la la.

Getting off track here...Mmmkay...
Seaside has many cozy shops worth checking out, the book store
carries all best sellers as well as magazines, children books, cards etc.
You're welcome to use their WIFI there too, if needed.
Above the book store is the music store.
Any tunes you're into, they most likely have.
Just don't sing loudly as you walk out of there if you sound like a goat....
Great food can also be indulged in Seaside at reasonable prices.
Art stores, Rolland's Hair Salon(incase you need to tame your mane), yoghurt
shop, Heavenly serves the yummiest pistachio gelato that is gentle
on the midriff, jewlery shops, designer clothing shops, wine bar,
taco shop, surf shop, pizza joint, Bud & Alleys for sunset, furniture shop,
a small theater that sometimes has improv and
cool plays... pedestrian friendly beach community for all ages.
If you own a bike, leave it at home.
You'll have more fun walking around and mingling with everyone.

If Seaside parking lots are filled, drive one mile west on 30A to Watercolor.
Park near Wine World. North side of 30A.
...Or just buy a home or condo and enjoy the
views of the weekend activities from your balcony.
Click here to see what's FOR SALE!

Have a groovy kind of weekend.
Wear a jacket, it's supposed to be low 60's till next week.

~sylvia soderholm