Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in Seaside Florida

Happy Halloween.
The little ones really enjoyed playing on the "green-area"
in the Seaside Circle. 4PM-6PM was dedicated
to all munchkins dressed as pumpkins, fairies, bumble-bees,
lions, cows, superman, army man, dinosours & dogs dressed
up in costumes clearly picked by excited parents.
A witch DJ was playing different kinds of music on the Seaside
stage for all the kiddos to wiggle to.
Local shops opened their doors and kindly handed out sweets
to some happily sugared-up bouncy as well as a few shy children
sweetly saying "trick or tweeeat".

Mike walked around w/Jackson the "army man" to all the local shops in Seaside and stocked up on candy.

~sylvia soderholm