Monday, November 8, 2010

Seagrove Beach Office

Meet our Office Manager, Roxy.
She is now 16 months old, has selective hearing,
is at the office every day except for holidays and weekends,
keeps us entertained, observes good days and bad days,
helps us grind out each day to the very end, still not trained
all the day but she can "high-five" and eat plants if the opportunity
Needless to say, we love what we do & Roxy is an
awesome addition to our team.

Sleeping on the job...

Office greeter!!
She was so little...

Letting off some steam...tough day at work!!


We are hard at work in our Seagrove Beach office,
but randomly throughout the day, we go outside
to get some fresh air!

Sylvia & The Office Manager, Roxy.

Happy Monday from Seagrove Beach.

~sylvia soderholm