Thursday, November 4, 2010

30A - Where the sun SHINES

Anyone that has been on 30A, experienced
the beaches with their toes and their own
eyes, would most likely say that
our beaches are absolutely the most beautiful
in the world...

The sand is more like sugar.
Same texture and color.
The constant grinding and pulverizing motion
in the Gulf of Mexico, is what has made the
sand as fine as it is.

No, this is not a picture of the carribean
you are staring at...
This is where locals and tourist play, nap,
eat lunch, swim, relax, read books, sightsee,
kayak, snorkel, meet friends and take pictures to
show a viewer like YOU.
This is 30A, Florida.
It's like this everyday, unless if it rains!

In the summer months, Florida recieves
more direct sunlight than the equator.
Cover up with a chic hat, it's for your
own safety.

Melanoma is SO uncool.
Suncreen is your bestie if you enjoy
being outdoors...
It's mandatory.

If you've been in the sun all year,
contact your local dermatalogist
to get a full body-scan.
Your skin will thank you.
30A's local and excellent dermatalogist,
Dr. Michael A. Stickler is someone
worth making an appointment with.
Check out his website:

~sylvia soderholm